2019 - LSU

Louisiana State University

  • Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  • March 21-23, 2019

1st Overall

1st in Technical Events

1st in Physical Events

Winners of the Sportsmanship Award

Conclave Records Set in Axe Throwing and Bowsawing - Men

3rd in Stihl

Top 5 Finishes Included

Dendrology, Alex Webb, 1st place
Wildlife, Crystal Alexander & Davis Hendrix, 1st place
Photogrammetry, Reid Viegut, 1st place
DBH Estimation, Tristan 'Squirrel' Clayton, 1st place
Pole Classification, Christopher Longman, 2nd place
Timber Estimation, Brody Capps, 5th place
Compass & Pacing, Jake Hill, 5th place
Wood Tech, Chris Williamson, 5th place
Axe Throwing, Tyler Jones, 1st place, CONCLAVE RECORD 15 PTS
Bowsawing - Men, Ian Erickson, 1st place, CONCLAVE RECORD 6.56 SECONDS
Bowsawing, Women, Crystal Alexander, 1st place
Pole Climbing, Nick Peckham, 1st place
Knife Throwing, Alex Webb, 1st place
Crosscut Sawing - Jack & Jill, Crystal Alexander & Christopher Longman, 2nd place
Archery, Ian Erickson, 3rd place
Chain Throwing, Christopher Longman & John Mike Arnett, 3rd place
Log Rolling, Christopher Longman & Brody Capps, 3rd place
Crosscut Sawing - Women, Crystal Alexander & Shannon Murphy, 4th place
Birling - Tyler Jones, 4th place
Log Chopping, Brody Capps, 5th place

Thanks to Rachel Murray & Dylan Williams for providing these photos and videos.

Thanks to our many great sponsors for this Conclave!