2016 - Clemson


  • Anderson, South Carolina
  • March 17-19, 2016

2nd Overall

3rd in Technical Events

1st in Physical Events

Top 5 Finishes Included
Wildlife, John Burns and Ellart 'Dutch' Vreugdenhil, 1st place
Wood Technology, Austin McGuffie, 2nd place
Compass and Pacing, Taylor Barton, 5th place
Dendrology, Matt Ruffin, 5th place
Bowsawing - Men, Zack Ovelgonne, 1st place
Bowsawing - Women, Kaitlyn Yates, 1st place
Crosscut Sawing - Women, Kaitlyn Yates and Kirbee Bowman, 1st place
Crosscut Sawing - Jack & Jill, Kirbee Bowman and Zack Ovelgonne, 1st place
Chain Throwing, Sean Hoes and Ellart 'Dutch' Vreugdenhil, 1st place
Pole Climbing, Ellart 'Dutch' Vreugdenhil, 1st place
Archery, Zack Ovelgonne, 2nd place
Axe Throwing, Sean Hoes, 4th place
Pole Felling, Colin Lowther, 4th place
Birling, Ellart 'Dutch' Vreugdenhil, 5th place
Knife Throwing, Chris Longman, 5th place
Log Chopping, Zack Ovelgonne, 5th place
Log Rolling, Tyler Brady and Chris Longman, 5th place

Thanks to the Clemson University Forestry Club, Sean Hoes, Chelsea Lopez, Kaitlyn Yates, and Jaime Hooker for providing these photos.