Conclave Intro

The Southern Forestry Conclave is an annual competition among students from Association of Southern Forestry Clubs in a variety of physical and technical events. Conclave promotes spirited competition among the forestry students representing their respective schools and clubs, and participation in the Conclave helps students develop high standards and professionalism. It has been hosted every year since 1958 (with the exception of 2020 and 2021 due to the COVID Pandemic), and rotates among the member institutions. It typically involves more than 250 contestants. There are currently 8 technical, or academic events, and 15 physical events, or timbersports that are based on historic logging activities.

Conclave Explained by Stephanie Higgins

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*Note that the Stihl event is no longer a part of Conclave as of 2021.

Technical Events

Physical Events

Scores from individual events are combined to determine the overall winning school of each year's Conclave, which is a highly sought honor. A great collection of historic timbersports competitions, or logger rodeos, is available on the Forest History Society's website.